Kerala 2015-16


A selection of images taken on a recent trip to the state of Kerala, Southern India.

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Exhibition Colonnade House (Creative Hub) – April 11th to April 22nd 2017

I will be exhibiting a series of light painting photographs during the month of April 2017 as part of a group exhibition @ Colonnade House Creative Hub, Warwick Street, Worthing.

Exhibition runs from April 11th – April 22nd 2017

Free entry & all works for sale.

The Urban Landscape – Google UK

For three dates this November I will be running a series of urban landscape workshops for Google UK, focusing on using your smartphone camera. Each location will be based at a different Google shop in and around London. The workshops are FREE to attend but participants must register for a place. Each participant will be given the latest Nexus phone to use on the workshop. Please see below for workshop details and how to register.

Google Shop Thurrock –  Saturday 21st November 2015 2pm-3.30pm

Google Shop Tottenham Court Road – Sunday 22nd November 2015 2pm-3.30pm

Google Shop Fulham – Saturday 28th November 2015 2pm-3.30pm

Workshop description: 

Explore the local environment with the latest Nexus smartphone. Capture the architectural features and the evidence of human activity to create your own personal view of the streets. Discover how to get the best results with the Nexus 5X and 6P through presentation and practical advice from professional photographer Roy Matthews. Devices will be provided, but please bring your passport for identification. Sign up required!

Please follow link to register a place